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Battlefield Essex is the eighth book in the Essex Hundred series.

Although part of the title is called Battlefield, it is not a military reference book. In the last 2,000 years there have been a number of bloody battles on Essex soil, but there too have been several conflicts that although sometimes violent didn't involve the loss of life. In many cases these conflicts have been hyped in contemporary media as a 'battles' and the term has stuck. The prime example of this was the long running dispute in the 1920s in Thaxted in what was known the 'Battle of the Flags'. To our knowledge although there was damage to property, no one was killed or even seriously injured during this battle. Battlefield Essex

The county has been on the in front line in England since the time of the Vikings raiders 1,500 years ago and the book examines the various defensive measures put in place to deter or thwart potential invaders. Fortunately in recent times what might be called 'foreign' invaders haven't set foot in Essex, although it is questionable whether the forts and other defensive measures created were much of a deterrent. During the course of both World Wars the county suffered from enemy bombings and Essex has also had its fair share of munitions factories and weapons testing facilities.

Following the end of World War II, (a hot war), a cold war commenced almost immediately and a site near Ongar became a key installation for planning the aftermath of a nuclear strike.

In Battlefield Essex as in our other Essex Hundred titles, we have done our best to record some of the memorable events, people and places that have played a key role in the development of the county of Essex.

Battlefield Essex
ISBN 9780993108341
RRP £8.99

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