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- A History -

by Jennifer Ward

Brentwood - A History Brentwood began as a small settlement in a wood clearing over 800 years ago.

Gradually it developed into a small market town where medieval pilgrims on their way to Canterbury, visited St Thomas' Chapel in the High Street.

Road improvements and increasing travel brought growing prosperity to the town in the 18th century, especially for the inns and hostelries serving coach traffic.

In 1778, Warley Camp was established. It later grew into Warley Barracks and along with Warley Chapel became the spiritual home of the Essex Regiment. The Barracks survived until 1959. The chapel remains and stands next to the present day Ford motor company headquarters in Warley Lane. The book is lavishly illustrated and will appeal to a wide readership.

a History
by Jennifer Ward
Period photographs
illustrations and maps

ISBN 9781860772795
Hardback £15.99 RRP
Our price £10.99
128 pages 252m X 190mm hardback 2004 edition

Another fascinating local history book
Available through Essex Hundred Publications
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