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A Girl Aboard the

Eva Hart
As told to Ron Denney

A Girl Aboard the TITANIC
The amazing story of how seven year old Ilford girl Eva Hart survived the sinking of the Titantic.

Eva vividly recalls the journey to Southampton by boat train, and the excitement of stepping aboard a giant ship for the first time. On the fateful night she tells of being bundled into a lifeboat and watching the unsinkable ship slip beneath the waves.

The sinking claimed the life of her father and unsurprising the events of the 14th April 1912, remained with Eva for the rest of her life. Yet it was forty years before Eva could bring herself to freely speak about the disaster.

A Girl Aboard the

Eva Hart
As told to Ron Denney
With 60 100 period photographs,
And illustrations and maps

ISBN 9781445600895
Hardback £16.99 RRP
Our price £10.99
152 pages 240m X 163mm
2012 edition

Another fascinating local history book
Available through Essex Hundred Publications
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